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Green ring (1). Torredembarra-Creixell

First stretch of the Green route of Baix Gaià.

An easy and flat route that starts among fields of dry farming. It is ideal at the end of winter or in springtime. It ends at the majestic Creixell Castle.


It is perfect for BTTS. If you are an experienced rider, we recommend you to follow it with the next route until you reach Roda de Berà. Ride along paths which are among fields of dry farming, with barely any slopes or technical difficulties.

We leave Torredembarra and we immediately find ourselves in the middle of a landscape full of almond trees, olive trees and carob trees, which flank the whole route. The restored banks of dry stone, present  almost all the way through, frame this landscape for us and make us feel as if we travelled back to old times, when time was measured by its connection with nature, and the slow and crafty work of farming modified the environment, stone by stone, tree by tree; a landscape which has survived until today and which we can enjoy all along this route.

At the end of the route, Creixell offers us majestic stone constructions that tell the history of the town; it is a town which, beyond its beach, has a well-preserved, charming and beautiful old town.

Note: this route has been suggested by the GEPEC.

Data sheet

 FloraArquitecturaMedi A peu i en bici On foot and by bike
 Familiar Family activity
 through paths
 5.30 km
 1h 30 min. (35 minutes en BTT)

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ROUTE: simple and mostly along paths without pavement. Almost flat. The arrival stretch to Creixell runs around busy streets. Be careful.

WATER: the only fountains are in the towns of Torredembarra and Creixell.

CAUTION: During the hottest days of summer you should carry enough water and protect yourself from the sun (sun cream, cap, sun glasses). There are no shadows. At the crossing point, you should take the underground passage. Avoid getting into the farmlands and do not step the worked areas.

WEATHER: Avoid the sunniest hours of the day. There are no shadows!

TERRAIN: easy and flat ways.

MATERIAL: Sunglasses, comfortable footware, water. BTT. Bike spare parts: it is difficult to find specialized shops. We recommend you to wear a helmet and gloves in all the routes.

OTHER EQUIPMENT: Cal Cabaler is Creixell’s interpretation centre. There are some information boards where you can listen to in the audio files. The only fountains to be found are in the towns.

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